Thursday, April 26, 2012

Special Offer-- PANDORA Iconic Bracelet Combo!

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Receive a Sterling Silver PANDORA iconic "snap" bracelet, two sterling "S" clips, and your choice of a $35 bead -- all for only $140!

Now until Saturday, 5/12 or while supplies last.

(Bracelet shown is completed for illustration purposes. Current offer is for a starter set.)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's Here Again! Our Annual Celebration!

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

SAVE 20% In-Store & On-Line on DIAMONDS, April's Birthstone!

Diamond is the birthstone for April. Diamond jewelry is also the traditional gift for the 10th, 60th & 75th wedding anniversaries.

Its name in Greek comes from the word adamas, "invincible". It is the hardest known mineral; its Moh hardness number is 10. The diamond has the highest resistance to scratching but a diamond can be scratched by another diamond. And you can shatter a diamond with a hammer.

Grading of the April birthstone is determined by trained specialists using a microscope with a 10x magnification. They follow GIA (Gemological Institute of America) rules to make any determinations as to the carat, clarity, color and cut of any diamond.

The diamond carat is the individual measurement of diamond mass. One full carat "weighs" 200 milligrams.

Clarity is the measure of inclusions, or defects in the diamond. The inclusions could be foreign material or tiny structural cracks which give a cloudy appearance. Of all the diamonds minded today, only 20% have a clarity high enough for use as a gemstone.

Color in a diamond, ranging from D to Z, can either add or subtract from its value. If you own a diamond with a "D" color grading, congratulations! Your diamond has the highest color grading, it is colorless!

The cut of a diamond is not its shape; it is the quality of workmanship. Were the best angles cut to bring out the most brilliance and color for this diamond? Cutting a gem-quality diamond from a rough, takes someone who has this art and science securely under their belt. It may take hours to make the proper calculations for the best usage and perfect cut, and days or even weeks to make calculations for diamonds of exceptional size and/or color.

Finally, shape is a personal consideration when choosing a diamond. A brilliant cut is the ideal shape for a diamond -- to best show it off, but there are many other shapes available in the April birthstone -- princess, cushion, heart and emerald cuts being current favorites.

*Expires 4/30/12. Cannot be combined with other offers. Excludes engagement rings, wedding bands, custom design, special orders, loose diamonds & clearance.