Friday, December 2, 2016

Five Jewelry Box Essentials - Part 2 of 3

Today, in an effort to help you zoom in on a great gift idea, we'll cover jewelry essentials for necks and fingers!  ("For ears, check out Jewelry Box Essentials - Part 1.")  Does your loved one have these?--
#4 Diamond Solitaire Pendant
Perfect for her 18th or 21st birthday—or any birthday thereafter!  A simple diamond solitaire pendant is a great gift she’ll never forget.  This gift would be an unforgettable gesture from loved ones for a soon-to-be bride.  To celebrate her first “real” job after graduation.  To commemorate a big promotion.

#5 Strand of Pearls
Pearls are experiencing a resurgence on the runways right now, especially layered and with casual wear.  Traditionally the classic pearl strand was made of Akoya pearls; today, freshwater cultured pearls are another budget-friendly option.  Just make sure you get a comfortable length. 

#6 Everyday Necklace
A short necklace that sits on or just below the clavicle bones is great with open necklines and unbuttoned shirts.  Go for 16-20” depending upon her build.  This might be a simple chain, a station necklace with gemstones every 2 inches, a small disk necklace with her initial, or a bar necklace such as the one shown here from Gabriel NY.

#7 Long Necklace
Maybe its popularity  is due to the slimming effect of this style. There are so many choices—with a tassel or oversized pendant, station-style like this ELLE necklace, in pearls or beaded gemstones.  The choices go on and on.  Long necklaces, 30” & up, are great alone or layered.  If you go a bit longer, she can use a shortener which creates several looks by turning a single strand into a double or triple strand anytime to fit her fashion.

#8 Right Hand Ring
Nothing expresses confidence like a large gemstone ring such as this kunzite & diamond one by our in-house jeweler Craig Brady.  If she’s not into the chunkiness of a large gemstone on her hand, wearing multiple smaller scale rings is also in style.   Either way, it’s best to know her ring size before purchasing but if not, make sure the style you picked out can be resized. 

Hope this has sparked some gift ideas for the ladies in your life.  "Jewelry Essentials Part 3" coming soon!  Happy holidays!

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