Friday, December 9, 2016

Four Jewelry Box Essentials - Part 3 of 3

Wondering what to get her this Christmas?  We're counting down the final four in our 12  jewelry box essentials every woman should have.  Today, it's all about wrists--

#9 - Statement Bracelet 
     Diamond line bracelets are the perfect milestone gift and are often passed from generation to generation.  A wide bangle or cuff, as shown here from Stephen Estelle, is another clean statement look.

#10 - Stackable Bracelets
They're everywhere! And if you choose smartly, she’ll be able to wear them for decades to come.  Avoid “mystery metal” which can cause skin problems and generally cannot be repaired because a jeweler has no matching metal with which to solder it.  Instead, go with gold or sterling-- like this ELLE bracelet.

#11 - Dress/Work Watch
Dress watches tend to be a bit sleeker and smaller than their chunkier casual counterparts.  This Eco-Drive light-powered watch from Citizen features floating diamonds and never needs a battery. 


     #12 - Sport/Casual Watch
     Today’s hot watch look is oversized.  Women are even buying themselves men’s watches to get the desired scale.  The timepiece shown is from Reactor, the world’s toughest performance watch—great for active women.

Hope we cut down on your browsing time so you can spend more of it celebrating the holidays.  Cheers!

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